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Safety Protocols

Our technology is backed by clinically validated research and the experience gained from completing thousands of whole body scans across North America. Like other MRI scans, Prenuvo does not use radiation or contrast, which can cause negative side effects.

Our Precautions

Our patient’s safety is at the forefront of every step of the Prenuvo experience. We take great care to make sure our technology is appropriate for our patient’s unique needs, and our MRI technologists follow the highest safety protocols during each appointment. We only accept patients who are referred by a certified healthcare practitioner. If you are referred, you will complete a holistic pre-scan questionnaire that is reviewed by a Prenuvo-trained medical professional to make sure the scan is right for your needs. Our team will share instructions and safety protocols ahead of your appointment and the MRI technologist will help you prepare once you arrive at the clinic. During the scan, you will wear headphones and a squeeze ball to allow you to communicate with the MRI Technologist during your scan. MRIs change rooms and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected after every member.



We’re always committed to the health and safety of our patients and staff. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re taking additional precautions to minimize exposure and transmissions among our communities.

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Are there any restrictions on what I can drink on the day of the scan?

No. You can drink water, tea or black coffee. Just bear in mind that, depending on the scan you are taking, you will be in the MRI machine for up to 75 mins, so we recommend that you visit the restroom before going in.

Can I eat anything on the day of the scan?

We recommend that you fast for 4 hours before your scan so we can take the clearest images of your stomach and gall bladder.

Can I move when I am on the machine?

We will make you as comfortable as possible for the scan so it should minimize the need to move. However, if you do move, this is not a safety issue. It just affects the quality of the images we can obtain. Part of what makes our scan so accurate is that we image the same tissue in your body a number of different times in different directions and at different tissue weightings. If you move it affects our ability to align all these images and therefore affects the accuracy of our reading.

I arrived and found out I am claustrophobic. Can I get my money back?

If you are or suspect that you might be claustrophobic, you can request a mild sedative from your referring doctor to have with you for your Prenuvo scan. If necessary for your comfort, we can also reduce the scan time, but this will reduce the diagnostic value of the scan slightly. In all cases, we regret that your deposit is non-refundable or transferable if you are unable to go through with your Prenuvo scan on the day.

Is it possible to have a bathroom break during the scan?

In most cases, no. Of course, if it is an emergency we will get you out of there to go to the toilet. But the high accuracy of our Prenuvo scan relies on us imaging the same tissue in your body in a number of different ways, while in the same position. If you need to take a break, once you return you will be in another position. If you think this might be a problem you should limit how much you drink to ensure you can last the duration of the scan.

Is there anything I shouldn't bring into the MRI room?

Any metal, or electronic device can interfere with the exam. Never bring any of the following into the examination room: coins, jewelry, keys, cell phone, watch, hearing aids or other electronic/metal devices. A secure, private room to store your valuables is provided.

What if I am claustrophobic?

Our open bore MRI scanner permits much of your scan to be conducted with your head outside of the magnet, greatly easing claustrophobic feelings. Your doctor may prescribe you a sedative depending on your level of claustrophobia. Please arrange the sedative prior to your MRI exam and ensure you have arranged a driver or alternate mode of transportation for getting to, and from, your Prenuvo appointment.

What if I have an emergency during the scan?

You will be provided with a squeeze ball at the start of the scan. You can squeeze this at any time to alert the technologist performing your scan.

What should I expect during the scan?

MRI is a harmless, pain-free procedure. The scanner is air-conditioned, well-lit, and you will always be in contact with an MRI technologist through a two-way intercom. The MRI scanner produces thumping and humming noises as it is acquiring the images. We will offer you some headphones or earplugs to reduce the noise. You can also choose to listen to music to help pass the time. We can set a playlist for you, or we can plug in your music, it is up to you! All new locations are also fitted with a TV for you to enjoy during your scan! The technologist who operates the scanner will be observing you from the adjacent room throughout the scan. It is important to remain still when images are being acquired.

Where do I put my belongings at the clinic?

Your belongings are stored in a locker or secure changeroom while you are in the MRI. Additionally, our changerooms are located in areas of our clinics that are accessible only to Prenuvo staff and members.