Your health deserves the best experience

Prenuvo waiting room

Before your scan


Fill out a safety questionnaire and our staff will work with you to make sure you’re safe to get an MRI.


Fill out a medical intake form to provide our radiologists proper context into your health history.

Breathe easy

If you deal with anxiety or claustrophobia, our medical team will work with you to prescribe and fill a sedative.


Fast for at least 4 hours before your scan and arrive 30 minutes before your appointment.

At your scan

Confirm physician info

Provide your physician's information and we'll send them a copy of your report.

Slip into comfort

Change into scrubs and remove any other metallic objects.

Step by step

Pick your favorite show, playlist or HealthTunes MusicMedicine and just relax.

Your scan is done in just under an hour.

The scanner is air-conditioned, and you will always be in contact with an MRI technologist through a two-way intercom. During the scan, coils will be placed from your head to your legs.

After your scan

Next steps

Right after your scan, you'll receive an exit package outlining next steps. Then you'll receive your report within a few weeks.


Explore your report with easy-to-understand insights about your health and view your images in the Prenuvo app and dashboard.


Share your results with your physician, friends, and family.


Go over your results one on one with one of our nurse practitioners.

What you get from the scan

Wherever you are, Prenuvo enables you to have unparalleled access to your health.  View your images in high fidelity in the dashboard. Or explore easy-to-understand insights on the app. Your health is at your fingertips.

Post scan consultation

Included in every Prenuvo scan is a consultation with a nurse practitioners. Who will go over your main findings and answer related questions.

New at Prenuvo

HealthTunes x Prenuvo

We’ve partnered with HealthTunes, an industry leader in ABS (Auditory Beat Stimulation), with the hope of bringing research-driven audio therapy to the Prenuvo scan experience.

Founded by Walter Werzowa, who completed his masters in psychology studying the affect of music on human physiological psychology, HealthTunes utilizes both binaural beats and isochronic tones to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. Its MusicMedicine has been endorsed by UCLA Medical Center, VA Hospital of Los Angeles, and more.

You can now listen to HealthTunes at all Prenuvo locations except for our partner clinics.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have an emergency during the scan?

You will be provided with a squeeze ball at the start of the scan. You can squeeze this at any time to alert the technologist performing your scan.

What if I am claustrophobic?

Our open bore MRI scanner permits much of your scan to be conducted with your head outside of the magnet, greatly easing claustrophobic feelings. Your doctor may prescribe you a sedative depending on your level of claustrophobia. Please arrange the sedative prior to your MRI exam and ensure you have arranged a driver or alternate mode of transportation for getting to, and from, your Prenuvo appointment. Alternatively, we can prescribe you a sedative and fill a prescription for you.

Where do I put my belongings at the clinic?

Your belongings are stored in a locker or secure changing room while you are in the MRI. Additionally, our changing rooms are located in areas of our clinics that are accessible only to Prenuvo staff and members.

What if I need to change my appointment?

We have a strict 3 business day cancellation policy. Provided that you contact us more than three business days before your scheduled scan, we are happy to accommodate changes or refund your deposit.

What should I expect during the scan?

A Prenuvo MRI is a noninvasive, injection-free, and radiation free procedure. The scanner is air-conditioned, well-lit, and you will always be in contact with an MRI technologist through a two-way intercom. During the scan, coils will be placed from your head to your legs. The MRI scanner produces thumping and humming noises as it is acquiring the images. We will offer you some headphones or earplugs to reduce the noise. You can also choose to listen to music to help pass the time or watch your favorite show (except if you’re at a partner clinic). The technologist who operates the scanner will be observing you from the adjacent room throughout the scan. It is important to remain still when images are being acquired.

Learn about what a Prenuvo scan can do for you

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