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Frequently asked questions

Can I order a gift card in person?

Yes you can! Visit one of our locations and our staff will help you.

Do you sell physical gift cards?

We do. You can purchase one in store or online and have it shipped. If purchasing online, please navigate here for US gift cards and here for Canadian gift cards.

Can I buy a gift card for a specific dollar amount?

Unfortunately, no. We only sell gift cards for each of our scans (Whole Body, Head & Torso, and Torso).

How long will it take for a gift card to deliver?

Approximately 5 business days. Please budget more time during busy shipping seasons (e.g. the holidays).

Can I use a U.S. gift card at a Canadian location and vice versa?

No. U.S. gift cards can be redeemed at US locations only. The same applies for Canadian gift cards and our Canadian locations.

How do I redeem a gift card?

To redeem a gift card and book a scan, you can call in to our phone number +1 833 773 6886 or stop by your nearest clinic.

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