This benefit
could save your
employee's life

Empower your employees to watch their well-being, with Prenuvo's advanced body scans.

Healthcare that goes above and beyond

Boost recruiting and retention

Employees rely on their employers to provide the best healthcare possible. 
By providing reduced rates for Prenuvo’s scans, you’ll go the extra mile in helping employees feel safe and secure.

Save in the short and long term

It typically costs less to treat health problems when people catch them early. A diagnosis that costs hundreds today could end up saving tens of thousands later.

Be a trailblazer in employee care

There's no healthcare benefit quite like this. But we believe that body scans are the future of employee care — because everyone deserves to know what’s going on inside their body. Join us in leading the charge.

Here’s what people have to say about Prenuvo

“We decided it would be worth it to offer this service to our employees if it saved or extended just one life,”

Amit Patel, CEO of Rakuten International

"We didn't realize a comprehensive approach to proactive healthcare existed, like the one Prenuvo offers with their advanced scanning technology. When Prenuvo introduced this option to our Executive team, we were surprised by the enthusiastic response – not only did the team embrace it, but a few spouses joined in as well. We were thrilled to have had had the scans done at Prenuvo and would recommend them highly to other organizations."

Julie Muenzler, Vice President Human Resources at
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

“I've known other people around the state who have gone through these scans and found that they had various cancers, thyroid cancer was high, prostate cancer was also high in firefighters.”

Sean Fix, Boca Raton Fire Department

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Align health benefits with what employees want

organizations across the globe offer at least one kind of wellness benefit (Harvard Business Review, 2019)
of these benefits are utilized by employees (Harvard Business Review, 2019)
of US adults said preventative care was the workplace benefit that mattered to them the most (Society for Human Resource Management, 2022)

And save lives, and money,
by doing so

is spent by employers on cancer related medical costs (Society for Human Resource Management, 2022)
of employers said they have seen more late-stage cancers in 2022 and another 44% anticipate seeing an increase in the future
of diagnosed cancers in the US were not caught by recommended screening or don't have a screening test at all.

Why work with us

At Prenuvo, we offer scans for Torso, Head & Torso, and Whole Body. Here's how we work with companies to provide the best care.


For small and medium businesses
  • Detailed report and images
  • Report walkthrough with a practitioner
  • High touch in-office and customer experience
  • Prioritized scheduling by dedicated team
  • Messaging and materials for internal communications
  • Get preferred rates in packages of 10 and 25 scans
  • Net 30 payment terms


For larger organizations needing custom solutions
All services included in the Packages option
  • Custom co-branded messaging and materials for internal communications
  • Webinars, lunch & learns, employee forums,
and on-site sign-ups
  • Invoicing options
  • Rate flexibility with options for full or partial subsidy

Who we work with

We partner with organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries, such as hospitality, emergency services, technology, and more.

Educate your employer on making Prenuvo a benefit

Send your employer a customizable email about adding Prenuvo as a benefit and get a preferred rate

Let’s pave a new path in veteran care together

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