A window into your health

Wherever you are, Prenuvo enables you to have unparalleled access to your health.  View your images in high fidelity in the dashboard. Or explore easy-to-understand insights on the app. Your health is at your fingertips.

The Prenuvo dashboard

Access clearly contextualized results and recommendations

Go through every system of the body and explore your results. Our radiologists have assessed every condition’s risk and contextualized it for you, from minor/benign observations to more critical insights — complete with annotated key images.

Share your report with your physician (or even the full DICOM files)

The PDF report designed specifically for your doctor is available to be easily shared from both the app and your desktop dashboard. And if you want your full DICOM files (what goes on the old school CDs), they are available to download from your desktop dashboard and share with your physician.

Learn more about all the conditions we’ve checked

Your report includes helpful overviews of all the conditions we’ve checked — it’s never too early to learn about our bodies and our health. Especially on the app, they make for good short reads during your next flight delay.

Explore vivid imagery of your body — bragging rights included

We select a few animated 3D views of your body to reveal the beauty of what makes us, us. Whether a 3D view of the Circle of Willis or the mesmerizing fluid sensitive sequence, your next show-and-tell is always there in your pocket.

Learn about what a Prenuvo scan can do for you

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