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The Prenuvo practitioner portal is designed to help healthcare practitioners manage each step of your patient’s diagnostic process in one place. Log in to the online portal to manage your patient’s records using the clear, simple interface.

Simple and Secure

The practitioner portal makes it easy to track statuses and manage comprehensive reports for every patient you refer to Prenuvo. Our platform is built for physicians with the highest grade of online security to ensure your patient’s records remain private and secure.

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Manage the Entire Process

Make referrals and stay updated as your patient’s scan is completed, analyzed, and shared on the practitioner portal. Once a report is available, you can continue to use the portal to reference the data, create and update treatment plans, and make notes directly in your patient's record for ongoing appointments.

Access Original Data

After each scan, a Prenuvo radiologist will create a Physician’s Report with a full analysis, recommendations, and all original DICOM images from the scan, including those without markups. Each of these materials can be downloaded and used to inform treatment and diagnosis.


Multiple Patients, One Portal

See an overview of each patient’s scan status, from referral to recommended dates for their next scan. This makes it easy to manage multiple patients, medical studies, and patients with ongoing appointments over long periods of time.

How do Prenuvo scans compare?

Prenuvo goes far beyond standard MRI and other scans with full diagnostic and non-invasive scans. Discover the Prenuvo difference.

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In what circumstance is a cancer diagnosis a good thing?

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Gift certificates

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