Mike's Prenuvo Story

Growing up, Mike had many people close to him diagnosed with cancer, some of whom caught it too late. This inspired him to take a proactive approach to his own health. For his 30th birthday, he booked a Prenuvo scan. He was admittedly nervous going in, but also eager to get a snapshot of his health status. Mike, who had worried about cancer for as long as he can remember, was relieved to get his results back and to find out that he had a clean bill of health. As the owner of a commercial and residential cleaning company in Vancouver, Mike realized that just as he cleansed the city's sidewalks, the Prenuvo scan was his own health "sweep," ‒ a reminder that, much like the streets of Vancouver, he could meticulously care for his own health and well-being.

Thank you Mike for sharing your Prenuvo story.

“For anyone who is interested in being proactive with their health, there is a solution. And the solution is Prenuvo.”
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