Constance's Prenuvo story

Having seen her parents endure debilitating diseases throughout their lives, Constance became determined to be proactive with her health, eager to detect any potential issues early on. Her family history of cancer had always weighed on her mind, worrying that she might develop the disease in the future. So when Constance received her Prenuvo results, she felt immense relief knowing that she is cancer-free. The results also confirmed the severity of her arthritis, validating her need for a hip replacement rather than just physiotherapy, as prescribed by her physician. Now pain-free and empowered, Constance embraces an active lifestyle, kayaking and enjoying the outdoors. The Prenuvo scan not only gave her the peace of mind she deserves, but also the power to advocate for her own health.

Thank you Constance for sharing your Prenuvo story.

“The best part was the relief I felt after I got the report”
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