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Our Technology

The healthcare system today can be reactive and slow to diagnose disease, leading to poor health outcomes for many diagnosed conditions. Diagnostic MRI, while widely considered to be one of the most valuable imaging modalities, is often used quite late because it is slow and therefore expensive. Because of this slowness, screening using MRI was impractical — diagnostic quality scans would either take 3-4 hours, be painful to go through and prohibitively expensive or clinics would cut corners and take non-diagnostic scans, leading to lower accuracy and more unnecessary follow-up. Prenuvo solved the speed problem in MRI using proprietary acquisition protocols that have been honed over 10 years of performing diagnostic screening exams for patients all over the world.


Clinical quality at non-clinical speeds

Our core acquisition protocols make use of anatomical and functional imaging sequences and an approach called multiparametric imaging that is revolutionizing MRI in many organs of the body. What is distinctive about Prenuvo is our ability to acquire these protocols in a single sitting across the entire body. In effect, we are applying the principles of nuclear imaging and apply them in the context of radiology.

Diagnostic accuracy backed by clinical studies

While the volume of clinical images we acquire in under an hour is unique, the combination of sequences we use is not. Over the ten year period from 2012 to 2021, 7,921 clinical papers have investigated these techniques in the context of various cancers and diseases. These studies, many conducted at well-known academic institutions around the world, often found these multiparametric techniques to be effective. Every week the evidence behind these techniques continues to grow.

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Increasingly AI Augmented

Many research studies are showing that AI can play a pivotal role in imaging, either through making radiologists more efficient and making fewer mistakes or in eventually replacing radiologists for some tasks. Because of this promise, Prenuvo invests heavily in AI. AI approaches are increasingly complementing our core clinical pipeline. Notably, we are excited about the power of AI to make imaging more quantitative and accurate which in turn could lead to earlier diagnoses and more successful interventions.

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