Prenuvo Partners with HealthTunes to Introduce Evidence-Based Music Therapy, Shown to Decrease Patient Anxiety Up to 25% During MRI Scans

January 25, 2024
  • Led by a team of scientists and classically trained musicians, HealthTunes is rolling out a series of custom therapeutic playlists to Prenuvo’s clinics nationwide starting this month
  • The companies aim to bring the healing power of sound to MRI scans to give patients more comfort during their scans

  • HealthTunes works with brands like AMD, LG, RedBull , Nickelodeon, and Chevron, and the company is led by Walter Werzowa, an internationally recognized composer, producer, and sound inventor who created the Intel and the current AT&T mnemonic

San Francisco, CA (January 25, 2024) Prenuvo, the company pioneering proactive whole-body imaging for early cancer detection and other diseases, announced its partnership with HealthTunes, a streaming audio service designed to improve physical and mental health by pairing medical research with music. This collaboration will allow Prenuvo patients to experience custom therapeutic playlists during their scans that stimulate brain wave patterns -- helping to induce relaxation and reduce claustrophobia.  


While Prenuvo offers whole body scans in the unprecedented timing of under an hour, these types of exams are known, in the medical industry, to cause some patients heightened stress. According to the National Institute of Health, 55.9% of patients experience intermediate anxiety during MRI screenings. Not only does this stress impact the individual experience, but it can also affect the quality of an MRI exam because of the increased movement of anxious patients. 

To alleviate uneasiness and apprehension for patients, Prenuvo clinics are designed with a welcoming, comfortable environment featuring open-bore MRI machines and the option of streaming entertainment and music throughout the patient’s scan. Now, with the HealthTunes partnership, Prenuvo will offer therapeutic playlists of various genres using science-based Auditory Beat Stimulation (specifically Binaural Beats). The non-invasive modalities and HealthTunes’ proprietary algorithm encourage relaxation, promote positivity, and help patients relax.

“Since the inception of Prenuvo, we have centered our efforts on creating a safe and comfortable scan experience, ensuring patients feel supported and empowered on their health journey with us," says Andrew Lacy, Founder and CEO of Prenuvo. "Partnering with HealthTunes gives us a science-informed tool that will help us further improve the experience of proactive care screening.”

HealthTunes’ founder Walter Werzowa, an Austrian musician, composer, music producer, and sound inventor, became famous for composing the indelible Intel and AT&T mnemonics. Most recently, Werzowa was selected to finish Beethoven’s 10th Symphony, and Robbie Williams’ Angels AI release with the assistance of AI. However, it was his son’s struggle with legg-calve-perthes and consequently, MRI scan anxiety that inspired him to create HealthTunes’ ‘music medicine.’ 

“Our evidence-based music therapy, which pairs medical research with original compositions and Billboard-charting tracks, helps patients find calm. We’re proud to partner with Prenuvo, to further enhance their experience,” says Werzowa.

To hear a teaser of the music, go to: coming soon!  

To book a scan at any of Prenuvo’s nine locations across the US, go to:

About Prenuvo 

Prenuvo makes MRI scanning for early detection of cancer, “silent killers'' like aneurysms, and other diseases seamless and more widely accessible. The company’s cutting-edge, whole-body scan can identify 500+ conditions, including most solid tumors, aneurysms, cysts, and more. The technology is based on 10+ years of clinical work. With tens of thousands of scans and the world's biggest whole-body MRI imaging data set, the company has alerted one in 20 patients to potentially life-saving diagnoses. 

Prenuvo is backed by leading venture capital firms and investors in health, fitness and category-defining consumer brands such as Felicis Ventures [investors in Fitbit (IPO), Guardant Health (IPO) and Ring (acq. by Amazon)], 23AndMe CEO Anne Wojcicki, Nest founder Tony Fadell, Eric Schmidt, Cindy Crawford, Lasker award recipient Dr. Timothy A. Springer and Casamigos co-founder Rande Gerber.

About HealthTunes®
HealthTunes, a California nonprofit organization, is a digital pharmacy providing music therapies to alleviate stress, anxiety, burnout, PTSD, and insomnia. HealthTunes' proprietary Therapy builder entrains brain wave patterns, decreases stress and anxiety, increases relaxation, improves sleep, and more. With a team of scientists and classically trained musicians at the helm, HealthTunes has created therapeutic playlists that layer Auditory Beat Stimulation on top of musical selections of varying genres, successfully leveraging a proprietary algorithm.

HealthTunes partnered with Healthware Ventures to develop the iOS APP. The iOS And the Android APP can be downloaded for free via the Apple iTunes/Google Play store. HealthTunes is endorsed by UCLA Medical Center, Wellstar Health and the Cleveland Clinic are offering HealthTunes therapies.

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Maggie Philbin

VSC for Prenuvo

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