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Prenuvo Scans

How Does Prenuvo Compare?

Fully diagnostic, non-invasive and meticulous, Prenuvo goes far beyond standard whole body MRI scans and other screening methods. Prenuvo uses cutting-edge acquisition techniques, and unique analytic software to capture comprehensive and precise scans faster and more safely than ever before.

Standard Whole-Body MRI

Most MRI scanners do not have the speed to acquire sufficient images in a single sitting and do not have the hardware necessary to do the advanced functional imaging techniques that are core to cancer and lesion detection and classification. As a result standard MRI can often miss conditions that are found with detailed multiparametric techniques. Further, routine MRI machines can be older and more claustrophobic than those found at Prenuvo.

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CT Scan

The biggest drawback of CT is that they involve the use of radiation, and often, contrast agents. This makes them inappropriate for screening in a general population, as repeated exposure can raise the risk of cancer. Additionally, screening CT struggles to discriminate benign from malignant lesions in many organs. At present, CT does perform better coronary artery imaging than an MRI exam. A screening CT of the coronary arteries (calcium score) is actually a great supplement to the Prenuvo scan.

PET-CT Machine

PET-CT scans are not commonly used for screening as they involve the use of radiation. PET-CT scans are primarily used to stage cancer and determine how far it has spread or reduced. These scans are limited when it comes to identifying cancers with low metabolic activity or those in the renal system. Finally, PET-CT scans are expensive and not widely available.


Annual Physical

Routine screenings with your doctor are an important part of preventative health. Annual physical examinations provide a high-level view of your health, but are largely ineffective at finding internal abnormalities and other issues.

Genetic Disease Screening

Genetics can provide amazing insights into your health, particularly for diseases like breast cancer and Alzheimer's, where genetics plays a significant role in whether you are at risk. However, it’s important to note that genetic testing can only assess your risk and not whether you have the disease.

genetic disease screeing
explore whats covered

Explore what’s covered

We believe that a Prenuvo scan has the widest coverage of any screening modality available to patients in the world. Our depth and detail can help identify and diagnose over 500 common and rare conditions.

Explore what’s covered