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Clinical quality medical imaging for screening

Fast, safe, comprehensive, and highly detailed, Prenuvo scans offer detailed, clinical quality, health insights that empower the decisions you make about your own health.

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What is Prenuvo?

We believe Prenuvo is the most precise, comprehensive whole body MRI scan that exists today. We use proprietary cutting-edge acquisition techniques, and unique analytic software to make early and accurate diagnoses.

The Prenuvo Scan experience

How It Works

Types of Scans

whole body diagram scan

Whole Body

Scan Time: 60 minutes

Our most comprehensive scan that assesses your anatomy, including major organs and spine.

Combines the high fidelity Head & Torso scan with a detailed spine evaluation to detect disc herniation, spinal cord abnormalities, and spinal degeneration. Also scans for musculoskeletal conditions, fatty liver disease, and multiple sclerosis. Ankles may not be visible for people taller than 5’9” or 175cm. Arms and feet are not included.


head and torso diagram scan

Head & Torso

Scan Time: 45 minutes

A more detailed version of our Torso scan that includes a brain evaluation, not including the spine.

Includes the high fidelity Torso scan to detect tumors as small as 1cm, including prostate, cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancers in the pelvis. The head and neck scan look for cancers, brain aneurysms, small vessel ischemia (stroke risk factor), previous strokes, and sinus issues. Spine, arms, and legs are not included.


torso diagram scan


Scan Time: 20 minutes

Our quickest scan to search for cancer in the torso, not including the spine.

Detection of solid tumors as small as 1.5cm in the organs of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. This scan can isolate cancer from benign conditions such as cysts, hematoma, hemangiomas, and abscesses. Head, spine, arms and legs are not included.


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Reviewing Images

Cutting-edge imaging and quality analysis


Building on hundreds of clinical studies in leading academic institutions, Prenuvo integrates the best of multiparametric diagnostic imaging in the context of the whole body through proprietary technology and acquisition approaches.

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Precise diagnostics for 500+ conditions


A single Prenuvo covers 26 regions/organs of the body at the clinical diagnostic quality which enables us to screen for and diagnose more than 500 conditions, including most solid tumors at Stage 1.

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How we compare to other modalities

Many previous attempts at whole-body involved radiation, used contrast agents or did not provide clinical-diagnostic quality images. They were harmful to patients and caused additional work for doctors. A Prenuvo scan is non-invasive, safe and, most importantly, provides diagnostic quality images that radiologists and doctors understand and trust.

Discover What's Different

Are the radio waves used in the MRI safe?

Cellphones are allowed to heat the head to 1.6 watts per kilogram. MRI is allowed to heat 3.2 watts per kilogram. By this extension, if you are comfortable speaking on your cellphone for 1200 minutes per year (120 mins per month) then you can have 9 Prenuvo scans per year.

Are there size or weight restrictions for doing a Prenuvo scan?

Our Open Bore MRI accommodates up to 550 pounds (249 Kg).

Can you tell me more about your false-positive rate?

A false positive in imaging is when a finding is reported to be present when it is not. For example, a test designed to detect cancer returns a positive result when the person does not have cancer. In one of our clinical studies, we had 4 false-positive findings out of 1000 patients. This was a single-site study and we are in the process of repeating that in a second site under an independent investigator. There is no perfect test, however we are committed to learning from any false positives that we do have to minimize the likelihood of them recurring in future studies.

Does your MRI use radiation?

No. All MRIs are radiation-free.

How are you different from other whole body MRI services?

There are so many differences between a Prenuvo scan and other whole body MRI services that we generally don't make comparisons. - Sequences and filters used – To make sure that there is a low false-positive rate, it is essential to image your body with multiple filters. Most other whole body providers do not use many filters in their screening protocol. In our protocol, this is the key to our low false-positive rate. - Quantity and quality of the images — We get up to 2000 high-quality images inside your body. The basic rule is that more images provide more details. We capture up to 10x more images than "WB MRI". - One-time scanning — We scan you from head to toe during one 60-75min scan. Other providers scan parts of the body and “glue” the parts together to create whole body scan. - Price – Our services are less expensive than our competitors.

Is the Prenuvo scan covered by extended insurance?

Typically, a Prenuvo scan is not covered by extended insurance. Some customers have had success claiming part of the scan fee with their insurer, but this is not commonplace. We are working with insurers to educate them on the advantages of the Prenuvo scan but it is unlikely that there will be changes in the short term.

Is the Prenuvo scan covered by the health system?

Not at this time. We are at the cutting edge of revolutionizing whole body screening. While many studies are showing the effectiveness of whole body MRI, no public facility is conducting these examinations. It might take years, unfortunately, for MSP/healthcare plans to cover preventative MRI scans, especially with the huge backlog of diagnostic scans at this time.

What medical association is the clinic associated with?

The clinic operates under the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. Technologists are registered with the CAMRT. The clinic also has to adhere to the Diagnostic Accreditation Program which is run by the College of Physicians.

What should I expect during the scan?

MRI is a harmless, pain-free procedure. The scanner is air-conditioned, well-lit, and you will always be in contact with an MRI technologist through a two-way intercom. The MRI scanner produces thumping and humming noises as it is acquiring the images. We will offer you some headphones or earplugs to reduce the noise. You can also choose to listen to music to help pass the time. We can set a playlist for you, or we can plug in your music, it is up to you! The technologist who operates the scanner will be observing you from the adjacent room throughout the scan. It is important to remain still when images are being acquired.

Who interprets my images?

A Radiologist (physician specially trained in MRI and other radiology examinations, such as X-ray, CT, ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine). Radiologists at Prenuvo are Fellows of the “Royal College of Physicians” and “Surgeons of Canada” and are licensed by the “College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.


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