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Your patient dashboard is here to support you throughout the entire Prenuvo scan experience. Book your appointment, learn how to prepare, and access your reports from one dashboard designed for patients. Explore the educational, easy-to-use account anywhere you go from the online portal and mobile app.

Patient Dashboard

Your findings in your pocket

Download the Prenuvo app to access your findings from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Track your report

Track the status of each step of the Prenuvo experience. From your account, you can book your appointment, complete your medical questionnaire, and follow along as your findings are processed, analyzed, and pulled into reports for you and your practitioner.

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understand your scan

Understand your scan

We provide a Prenuvo report in plain language to make your medical analysis easy to understand. We provide a breakdown of your findings, including the risk level of any concerns we identified, as well as the body parts and systems that are healthy. Get a full grasp of your health through images, detailed descriptions, FAQs, and what to do about your risk factors.

One report, two ways

We make it easy to share your findings with your practitioner. In addition to your Prenuvo report, we create a medical report that we send directly to your healthcare practitioner. We send both versions to your dashboard, so you can see what your healthcare practitioner sees.


How do Prenuvo scans compare?

Prenuvo goes far beyond standard MRI and other scans with full diagnostic and non-invasive scans. Discover the Prenuvo difference.

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2 August 2022 | MRI Technology, Early Detection

What are the different types of medical imaging?

Medical imaging techniques such as MRI, X-rays, ultrasound, CT scan and PET scans allow doctors to view the internal structures within the body in great detail. So what’s the difference between these types of medical imaging?

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20 July 2022 | Health, Brain Health, Early Detection

Detecting Aneurysms With a Prenuvo Scan

Often occurring without warning, aneurysms can rupture with dangerous consequences. Fortunately, with early detection, this potentially life-threatening condition can be effectively treated, and a Prenuvo MRI scan can help in the prevention of a rupture.

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18 July 2022 | MRI Technology, Preventative Health

How Prenuvo eases MRI claustrophobia

Getting an MRI when claustrophobic can be daunting. But when an MRI is unavoidable, how do you ease the claustrophobic feeling? Prenuvo’s MRI scanners have been designed in a way to allow even those with claustrophobia to comfortably get a scan.

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