Adrenal adenoma

Adrenal adenomas are benign, usually asymptomatic lesions arising from the cortex (outer component) of the adrenal gland. On imaging, the adenomas can be classified as typical or atypical. Typical adenomas are able to be confidently identified on your Prenuvo scan. They are usually less than 3cm in size. Atypical adenomas are not able to be classified and will need repeat imaging to see if they change in addition to baseline adrenal biochemical testing.Of the typical adenomas, they can be further classified as functional or nonfunctional based on whether the adenoma leads to an increased secretion from within the adrenal gland. Only 5% of all adenomas are functional. The symptoms of a functioning adenoma are related to the location of the adenoma within the adrenal gland, causing them to secrete higher than usual amounts of either cortisol, aldosterone or sex hormone.

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