How Prenuvo eases MRI claustrophobia

July 18, 2022

Many people will have to get an MRI procedure at some point in their life. However, it can be a daunting experience for some. Lying down on a table that slides into a large cylindrical-shaped tube surrounded by a circular magnet, combined with loud and strange noises can be nerve wracking, particularly if it’s your first time getting an MRI scan or if you don’t like confined spaces.

The main apprehension behind getting an MRI revolves around the fear of being in an enclosed space, also known as MRI claustrophobia. Getting an MRI procedure when you’re claustrophobic can be an uncomfortable experience. However, with technological advances, many MRI machines today have been designed to accommodate these growing concerns, so that people are able to comfortably get an MRI scan.

MRI Claustrophobia

Do you get chills just thinking about the idea of getting into an MRI machine? If so, you’re not alone. Claustrophobia affects around 12.5% of the population, with many that have not been formally diagnosed. Those who are claustrophobic fear enclosed spaces. The fear revolves around the feeling of being trapped without a way out. So going into an MRI machine, which has confined space, can trigger these fears in people who have claustrophobia. Some may experience physical and emotional symptoms such as difficulty breathing, sweating, chest pains, anxiety, fear of losing control and feeling an intense need to leave the situation.

How does Prenuvo ease MRI claustrophobia?

Sometimes an MRI is unavoidable in getting the answers that you need about your health. Luckily, many MRI machines today have allowed those with claustrophobia to comfortably get scanned. Here are some things we provide at Prenuvo to help ease MRI claustrophobia.

Wide, open-bore MRI

The bore of an MRI machine is the center or the opening of the machine. This is where the magnet is located and can vary from 60cm to 70cm. Traditionally, MRI machines were designed with a smaller bore which caused issues for patients who were claustrophobic. However, advancements in technology have allowed more MRI machines to have a wider bore of up to 70cm to provide a more comfortable experience for patients.

Prenuvo’s MRI machines have a wide, open bore which allows the head to be outside of the magnet for portions of the scan, greatly easing the claustrophobic feeling. Instead of being an enclosed capsule like many traditional closed-bore MRIs, open-bore MRIs are not fully enclosed and help reduce the risk of panic attacks and claustrophobia. Ultimately, it allows for a more accurate MRI scan.

In-Scan Entertainment

MRIs can get fairly loud and the noise can be jarring. So having some sort of distraction during the procedure can greatly help relieve the anxiety and fear. When you get a Prenuvo scan, you have the option to listen to your favorite music and even catch an episode of your favorite TV show! We do this to help make the MRI experience more comfortable for our members.

Friendly and experienced MRI Technologists

It can be daunting lying on a table inside a magnetic tube, all by yourself. Whilst it feels like you’re alone, you’re actually not. When you’re getting a Prenuvo scan, our team of highly trained (and super friendly) MRI technologists are right behind the glass in the adjacent room, watching and guiding you through the whole process. So if at any point you feel uncomfortable, want reassurance, or simply want to have a chat, our MRI technologists are there to help you.

Getting a Prenuvo Scan

Advancement in technology has allowed people to have a more comfortable experience when getting an MRI scan. The wide, open-bore nature of Prenuvo’s MRI scanners can help ease the claustrophobic feeling when getting a scan, and can accommodate up to 550 pounds. So whether you’re experiencing unexplained pain, have a family history of disease, or simply want to get a baseline profile of your health, a Prenuvo scan can provide the solutions for your health needs without compromising on comfort. Contact our team today about proactive screening with a Prenuvo scan.

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