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About Us

Behind Prenuvo is a story everyone can relate to

A personal experience that is all too common shaped our collective mission to make health more proactive and accessible.


A meaningful name, embedded in ours

Our Story

The “renu” is for Reenu, a childhood friend of founding radiologist Dr. Raj Attariwala. A vibrant woman and mother of four beautiful children, Reenu is the reason we do what we do. At just 36 years of age, Reenu was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer. She fought hard to beat the odds but lost her battle a year later. Before her diagnosis, she’d noted tiredness to her doctor on several visits and was told not to worry. Knowing that her story could have had a different outcome if she had the information she needed sooner, Dr. Attariwala and his family were inspired to build a better, easier-to-access technology. In her honor, Prenuvo was born. At Prenuvo, we believe that everyone should have the insights and information they need to make informed decisions about their health. Our goal is to help people live happier, healthier, and longer lives through early detection and unparalleled clarity into their health. To us, success means that our patients and their families can spend more time focusing on what truly matters: enjoying life.


Our Mission

We want to transform the medical paradigm from reactive to proactive. Early detection is more than the key to a better outcome and greater life expectancy, it’s a pathway to overall peace of mind. When it comes to health, knowledge is power and Prenuvo wants to put that power—in its most innovative and in-depth form—in your hands.

Our "Why"

We provide fast, easy access to the clinically-significant insights needed to make more informed health decisions. The more information we provide, the more you are empowered to change and advocate for your own health. In fact, many people learn more about themselves from a single Prenuvo scan than from their entire history of interacting with the medical system. This matters because we believe that it can help people live longer, better, and healthier lives.

our why

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