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As we age, our immune system slows down and our risk of disease increases. This is because our immune system becomes less reliable in targeting precancerous cells and chronic diseases, which often build over time.

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You may be concerned about how your family history affects your health. You can be at risk as a result of your genetic predisposition, genes passed down through your family, or if you share the same environment or lifestyle as relatives who have developed cancer or other diseases. If you know or suspect, that you’re predisposed to certain conditions, the Prenuvo scan may be the perfect option. Because Prenuvo does not use ionizing radiation in the procedure, it is safe for regular scans for people who are at risk of radiation-induced cancers.


If you are undergoing cancer treatment, a Prenuvo scan is a good way to stage your cancer and measure treatment response over time. If you have previously treated cancer, you might be worried that it will come back in the same or different sites. In both cases, Prenuvo is the safest choice because it does not subject your body to more radiation like in a PET or CT machine.


Consistent, ongoing pain with no clear cause or explanation can be incredibly debilitating. Prenuvo can provide peace of mind by diagnosing your condition or focusing on the range of possible causes.


You want to be free from the worry that one day, your life will be disrupted by an unexpected and serious disease. Early detection through periodic Prenuvo scans can catch conditions when they are easy to treat.

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Many of us make unhealthy lifestyle decisions throughout our lives, whether it’s smoking, high stress, no exercise, or too little sleep. The Prenuvo scan can help you course-correct by telling you how your health has been affected and where to focus your efforts to improve your health.

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Approximately what percentage of customers get an "all-clear" result?

Nearly all of us have abnormalities and findings. For example, as a generation of people who spend a lot of time sitting (using computers, cell phones, watching tv) we diagnose some degree of spine degeneration in almost everyone. Many of us have benign findings that are useful to be aware of when we are healthy so that they are not mistaken for something more serious later on. Importantly, less than 5% of customers receive "life-altering" news.

Are the radio waves used in the MRI safe?

Cellphones are allowed to heat the head to 1.6 watts per kilogram. MRI is allowed to heat 3.2 watts per kilogram. By this extension, if you are comfortable speaking on your cellphone for 1200 minutes per year (120 mins per month) then you can have 9 Prenuvo scans per year.

Can you tell me more about your false-positive rate?

A false positive in imaging is when a finding is reported to be present when it is not. For example, a test designed to detect cancer returns a positive result when the person does not have cancer. In one of our clinical studies, we had 4 false-positive findings out of 1000 patients. This was a single-site study and we are in the process of repeating that in a second site under an independent investigator. There is no perfect test, however we are committed to learning from any false positives that we do have to minimize the likelihood of them recurring in future studies.

Do you use contrast in your MRIs?

We never offer contrast on any of Prenuvo scans. We believe the combination of sequences that we take performs as well as contrast-enhanced MRI for tumor detection.

Does your MRI use radiation?

No. All MRIs are radiation-free.

Does your clinic provide referrals to top specialists and doctors locally and abroad?

We can provide you with some recommendations of specialists who we have previously worked with. Unfortunately, we cannot refer you to a specialist directly. However, we want to collaborate with any of the medical professionals you have and would be happy to work with your doctor to make sure that you are taken care of.

How are you different from other whole body MRI services?

There are so many differences between a Prenuvo scan and other whole body MRI services that we generally don't make comparisons. - Sequences and filters used – To make sure that there is a low false-positive rate, it is essential to image your body with multiple filters. Most other whole body providers do not use many filters in their screening protocol. In our protocol, this is the key to our low false-positive rate. - Quantity and quality of the images — We get up to 2000 high-quality images inside your body. The basic rule is that more images provide more details. We capture up to 10x more images than "WB MRI". - One-time scanning — We scan you from head to toe during one 60-75min scan. Other providers scan parts of the body and “glue” the parts together to create whole body scan. - Price – Our services are less expensive than our competitors.

What does the medical report contain?

We produce a detailed medical report for your physician that walks them through every system and organ in the body and identifies any abnormal findings we identify. This is produced in a format that they are familiar with.

What medical association is the clinic associated with?

The clinic operates under the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. Technologists are registered with the CAMRT. The clinic also has to adhere to the Diagnostic Accreditation Program which is run by the College of Physicians.

Who interprets my images?

A Radiologist (physician specially trained in MRI and other radiology examinations, such as X-ray, CT, ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine). Radiologists at Prenuvo are Fellows of the “Royal College of Physicians” and “Surgeons of Canada” and are licensed by the “College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.